Compact Flash Cards for Wafer Probers

[Download Product Flyer]

IS-Test has started to replace old SCSI Hard Drives in Wafer Probers by modern Compact Flash Card technology, producing some substantial benefits for Wafer Prober users:

  • Removes typical known weaknesses like happened with “old fashioned” hard disk drives (SCSI)
  • Easy to change due to “plug & play” components – no additional software is required
  • Less costs & high reliability – it will enhance the OEE significantly
  • Much higher reading / writing rates
  • Available for APM90A; UF190(A/B); UF200(A); UF200S(A); UF300(A)…
  • Standard storage size: 2GB (higher capacities optionally available)

Contact IS-Test GmbH for further information on this subject or other Wafer Prober solutions!