Onsite Cold Upgrade

Field proven since 2007, the high runner since 2010

The ONSITE Cold Upgrade offers the possibility of wafer probing at the limits – cooling temperatures down to -60°C is not a problem anymore.

Our ONSITE Cold Upgrade is a field upgrade kit (sealing / chuck /temp. controller) for 200mm and 300mm probers. An additional flexible (movable) chiller allows cost reduction at a high flexibility. Without the chiller the ONSITE Cold Upgrade works like a standard air cooled chuck system from +15°C up to +200°C.


A story of great success – a real WIN-WIN!


Feb 2007 – First ONSITE upgrade qualified at customer. IS-Test is the first supplier on the market and the only one for ONSITE cold upgrades.

Aug. 2008 – First movable chiller and ONSITE upgrade qualified.

Nov. 2009 – Benchmark winner for -45°C at 200mm wafer probers as ONSITE cold upgrade at NXP Semiconductors

Apr. 2010 – Entering the Asian market with -45°C.

Dec. 2010 – Order for first cold upgrade 300mm / -60°C.

Feb. 2011 – Benchmark winner for 300mm / -60°C at NXP Semiconductors. First supplier on the market for ONSITE cold upgrade 300mm / -60°C. Next orders for Cold Upgrade 300mm / -60°C.



IS-Test specialists do the upgrade work at customer site – ONSITE!
It takes about max. two weeks for the whole work. Another one or two days are needed for a system acceptance.

You get a qualification / acceptance protocol for each single Cold Upgrade!