ITWS 11 – Preserving the good, renew what can be better

The 11th IS-Test Workshop (ITWS) had many new things waiting for its close to 100 participants when they arrived on May 6 – starting with a new workshop location, the Munich Airport Marriott Hotel in Freising nearby Munich. With its comfortable, big conference area, a nice restaurant and high-class hotel rooms, the hotel set the tone for two most exciting workshop days.

For the very first time, a keynote speaker opened the ITWS. Kai Konrad from Infineon Technologies showed challenges & chances of automated, driverless cars in a very colorful presentation. He was followed by 10 papers, given by many expert speakers from all over the world, including Austria and Finland, but also Japan, Taiwan and Korea. Best presentations came from AFORE (1st place), HTT Group & MPI Corporation (2nd Place), and FormFactor & Globalfoundries & HTT Group (3rd place).

Coffee breaks gave the participants not only the opportunity to network, but ITWS also enabled Poster Sessions for the very first time in the workshop’s history. This way, many discussions from the conference room could be continued, accompanied by a cup of coffee and tasty snacks.

The brand-new, a useful web application, added to the workshop experience and made it possible to have everything you need for ITWS in your pocket all the time. 

When the workshop ended on Tuesday May 7th, the work for the workshop team & the program committee already continues to prepare ITWS 2020 – where the success story of Europe’s biggest event of its kind will be continued!

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