With the 7th IS-Test Workshop, lots of changes and innovations were made to improve the already successful concept of ITWS.

Just like last year, over 90 participants from all over the world made their way to the workshop. With guests from Korea, the USA, but also the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland, ITWS was more international than ever before.

According to some of the participants, the IS-Test Workshop is on the way to become one of the most important European events of its kind.

To meet the demands of the increasing number of participants, ITWS7 took place at a new venue. The NH Hotel Munich Airport provided an enjoyable atmosphere to work, chat, discuss and have a good time.

Another alteration was that this year’s ITWS had even more to offer as, for the very first time, eight interesting and high-quality papers were given by our Speakers. New inventions and approaches to common problems were presented and made an ideal basis for fruitful discussions.

Very detailed & vivid insights and analyses of data about mechanisms and effects during contacting (diverse probe tip shapes & technologies on different pads & bumps architectures) were given by companies such as ITS or Feinmetall. T.I.P.S spoke about practical probe card solutions for sensor devices requiring additional diverse stimuli like heat radiation, magnetic fields or humidity. Infineon even world premiered their newest technical development concerning Probing-over-active-area at the workshop. We want to thank all our speakers very much for taking the extra time and prepare these outstanding presentations!

When the two days of ITWS7 were over, some participants couldn’t understand the question whether the next workshop should take place in 2016 or not until 2017. Nearly everyone highly prefered the term “See you next year” over “See you in two years” when leaving – just as we do!

So: See you next year for ITWS8!

Ranking of 7th ITWS Best Presentations – Participants’ Choice

1st Place: Infineon – Martin Hennig & Ivan Penjovic
2nd Place: ITS – Jerry J. Broz
3rd Place: FEINMETALL – Kris Dabrowiecki